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Who is SadeCru ?


On the 19th of May in 1996, I was born to a young black woman experiencing her first taste of motherhood before girlhood had left her tongue. She named me Anjanae Shadai Crump. And since that day, I have been moving along a path forged by an unknown percentage of both fate and free-will. I start this description of myself with my mother, because I was a daughter before I became anything else; it was what happened in this integral role that I’ve had to acknowledge, accept, and grow from in order to free the little girl in me to become the woman I am today. I am still not done. A lot of my work has veered in search of answers and understanding---no longer about my relationship with my own mother, but about the roads paved for us all to walk and how it leads us to so many places ---strange places, lonely places, desperate, dark, and beautiful places.


I have grown up, and I know more now than I did then. I have learned to separate my own personal experiences from those who helped form them and examine those people for who they are, separate of me. It is only through this lens have I been able to forgive and extend light where there once was none. It's allowed me to see circumstances for what they truly were versus how they felt to me in the moment. I believe we are all doing the best we can to make our time here worth it. Personally, I feel a deep existential yearning for something more. I am in constant search of the purpose for which I am here, and often, I am left empty handed. Yes, I've been to therapy. Yes, I've burned the sage. Yes, I am breaking the habits. And though I am in a constant state of self-improvement, I have learned that it is just as important take breaks and smell the roses along the way.

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I went to the historic William Frantz Elementary School, just a couple of blocks down from my grandmother's home---my home. I remember writing fairytales for my aunts. I remember writing the poem for my class to present at our LEAP pep rally, where we heard inspiring words from Ruby Bridges herself. I remember meeting my first best friend in Pre-k and losing contact with her after Katrin---we were in the third grade. By chance, the next time I saw her face would be years later in a bathroom at LSU, where I went for my first year of college.

I was a quiet kid. Some people would say shy, but there is a difference between being afraid to speak and simply not having the urge to talk. I've always treated words like priceless currency, and if I were going to open my mouth, it would be to say something worth spending for. 

I graduated from the University of New Orleans with a B.S. in Secondary English Education. I chose my original major, fashion design, because I knew it could make me a lot of money. Then I chose my final major, education, because I didn't know how else writing could make me any money at all---and bills don't wait for anyone. I went on to teach high school English for two years and, while I loved my students and had gained financial security doing something close to the actual thing I love, it took a heavy toll on me. The voice of my passion rang louder than the promise of a safe salary I'd  have to neglect myself to earn.

And that brings me here, a 27 year old woman trying to make use of the gifts God gave me, no longer afraid to take the leap of faith. I self-published my first book in 2016, and my second book the year later. I am currently working on my third release and will share more details soon. 

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I would be remiss not to mention my other half in the conversation of my life, as being his partner is one of the things I enjoy being most. No relationship defines me, yet his unconditional love has had a  profoundly positive effect on me and my outlook. He leads by example and our journey continues growing brighter. I thank him.

And I thank you. Simply, for your time, your interest, your support.

My appreciation runs deep.

I send you all my best wishes!




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