SadeCru's second book of poetry, "Love On Fire," is the depiction of a journey through time losing, finding and navigating love. It takes you in the chronological order of events: First, life without love, second, life with love and third, advice on how to keep love. It is a heart tugging mix of raw emotion, including moments of harrowing pain and moments of unbelievable happiness. SadeCru shares her most intimate thoughts from her own personal experiences with love.  Altogether it is a testament to the fact that true love does exist. It is a comfort and guide to everyone, both in love and still searching. If you've given up, this book is sure to change your mind.
It is something all can relate to.

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Poet and spoken word artist, Anjanae' Crump, a.k.a SadeCru, makes her authorial debut with this striking
first book of poetry. In it she combines past and present situations, imagination and clever word arrangements, tied together creatively with rhymes and a little bit of what's hidden between the lines to bring attention to the conditions of today's society, particularly between blacks and whites. She takes us from the signing of the declaration of independence to the creation of the projects, to the judgmental days of middle school and all the way to the tragedy of Mike Brown and many others. It is a call to everyone to wake themselves up, with special attention paid to those of her own race, African-Americans.

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